*Privacy: Your privacy is very important to us. No personal identifying information (names, email addresses, etc) will be kept or used for any purpose. Only the raw data itself is recorded to support future research on the IFS model.


The IFS SCALE is being used by clinicians in private and institutional settings in the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe to assess the internal systems of their clients. It is generally used as a pre-test/post-test evaluative tool.

The results can give the clinician an overview of the basic dynamics of the internal system:

1) the degree of Self-leadership relative to the most commonly found types of Parts,

2) the types of Managers or Firefighters that predominate in the system,

3) the presence of potentially self-harming Parts,

4) the degree of change (when used as a pre- and post-test).


The IFS SCALE is available to qualified researchers at reduced rates.  Please contact Lia DeLand for more information (liadeland5@gmail.com).


For those participating in a current research project, CLICK HERE.

The IFS SCALE is available to individuals interested in learning about their own internal systems. In order to fully understand the results and utilize them productively, it is essential that they be discussed with a certified IFS practitioner.

For assistance finding a certified IFS practitioner, go to https://ifs-institute.com/

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