This Scale is presented as an aid to understanding the concepts of the Internal Family Systems model, rather than as a tool of assessment.

This scale focuses on the dimension of Self (alpha = .97). The correlation between this longer IFS SELF SCALE and the shorter Self subscale of the IFS SCALE is .98, so they are virtually interchangeable.

A factor analysis suggested that the dimension of Self is comprised of two factors, which we interpreted as Self-Qualities (the subjective experience of being in Self) and Self-Leadership (the ability to stay in Self in the midst of challenging situations). The IFS SELF SCALE reflects both factors.


1)    I feel energetic and joyful. *

2)    I know who I am and what I want from life. *

3)    I feel a sense of inner peace. *

4)    I feel confident that I’ll reach my goals. *

5)    I feel happy and playful. *

6)    I feel hopeful and optimistic. *

7)    I feel capable and strong. *

8)    I accept and like myself, just as I am. *

9)    I feel a deep sense of confidence in myself. *

10) I feel content with my life, just as it is. *

11) I feel balanced and calm. *

12) I feel worthy and valuable. *

13) I feel I can choose the life I want. *

14) I feel that there are many people who care about me. *

15) I feel deeply committed to life. *

16) I feel able to comfort myself when something bad happens. **

17) I feel able to take care of myself. **

18) I can manage okay in the midst of chaos. **

19) I can maintain my inner calm even under pressure. **

20) I feel able to face the bad things I’ve done. **

21) I feel like I have good self-control. **

22) When something upsets me, I can calm myself down in healthy ways. **

23) I’m able to resolve inner conflicts fairly quickly. **

24) I feel confident that I can handle whatever life brings me. ***

25) I feel able to meet life’s challenges with courage. ***


*Indicates items that load on the Self-Qualities factor.

** Indicates items that load on the Self-Leadership factor.

*** Indicates items that load almost equally on both factors.



a = .97; item-to-total correlations: .58 to .86

This scale discriminated between high- and low-trauma groups, t(825) = 14.2, p < .0005, Levene F = 81.56, p < .0005