The IFS SCALE provides a profile of personality using the conceptual framework of the Internal Family Systems ModelSM.

This is a 57-item self-report measure (a = .98; item-to-total correlations: .44 to .85), intended for use with adults. The individual is asked, on a 5-point Likert scale, how frequently he or she experiences various thoughts and feelings.

The scale is designed to provide the following information:

-What types of parts are dominating the internal system?

-How extreme are the parts?

-How much access to Self-leadership is there at present?

-What types of Managers are protecting the system?

-Are there any potentially dangerous Firefighters, such as self-harming parts, in this system?

-How much progress have we made? (When it is used as a pre-test/post-test assessment.)


Purpose: To assess the intrapsychic system within the framework of the IFS (Internal Family Systems) modelSM.

For: Ages 18 and older

Administration: Online

Time: 15 minutes

Internal consistency (Cronbach’s alpha): a = .98

Item-to-total correlations:  .44 to .85

This scale discriminated between high- and low-trauma groups, p < .000, consistent with IFS theory.